Video: Keys to Success with Linear and Digital Convergence

Published February 21, 2019

The convergence of linear and digital has been talked about in digital advertising circles for years. But only in the recent past has it become a tangible reality for media and publishing organizations. That’s why more sales and ad operations leaders are seeking guidance on all the issues related to convergence and the right path forward for their business. Specifically, they want to know how convergence will help them generate more revenue from existing inventory.

In this video, Infinitive CEO Denis McFarlane and Media Expert Steve Malinchock highlight the issues and opportunities that media, publishing and entertainment companies must navigate if they are to shape an effective strategy for the converging world, including:

• Over-the-top (OTT) and streaming
• Ad-supported video on demand (VOD)
• Addressable TV
• Automation and programmatic
• Partnerships
• Data exploitation (which is all about generating more value from existing and new data assets)

Convergence brings new complexities into the digital advertising ecosystem, but also huge opportunities. In our experience working with industry leaders on convergence, we focus on “the three R’s”—recommendations, roadmaps, and ROI—to convert the potential of convergence into tangible value as quickly as possible.

Watch the video to learn more.