Infinitive’s 2022 Midyear Review

Published July 1, 2022

We are halfway into the year which calls for a midyear review on Infinitive’s achievements. Our technology and transformation efforts are guiding organizations in the financial services, media, education, and healthcare industries to achieve their business objectives. Here’s the recap:

Financial Services

At Infinitive, we help guide financial services organization’s digital transformation to improve cloud resiliency, meet regulatory requirements, and enhance the customer experience. In the past 6 months we have:

  • Helped a client avoid over $15M in fines and ensured consumer privacy compliance by processing over 75,000+ data sets tied to 11,000 privacy cases
  • Eliminated a $50M penalty fee for a banking client by improving registered controls
  • Developed a cloud-based engine to handle 5M loans to lower risk and reduce costs by 24%
  • Engineered a real-time data serving solution enabling the clients to avoid $50M in fraud and realize over $30M in new revenue
  • Helped a Fortune 10 Bank migrate to the cloud to create the 2nd largest AWS ecosystem in the world


Infinitive works to increase revenue, speed up operations, and implement new streaming and addressable solutions that will engage consumers and grow the media business. Our team has supported 9 out of 10 media companies in the world and has:

  • Enhanced 1st party data monetization to increase ad revenue by 16% by enabling linear and VOD for cross-platform targeting
  • Enabled a top 10 media client to triple revenue through digital transformation
  • Consolidated data to create detailed customer insights to grow a global experiences brand by 22%
  • Ordered over $8 Billion in ad sales on systems Infinitive implemented
  • Helped a multi-billion-dollar broadcaster mitigate the effects of a cyberattack protecting $774.3M in revenue
  • Enabled a large streaming service to increase 66% in ad growth to bring in $1.5B in ad sales


Our education experts provide the world of education with solutions supported by comprehensive change management to increase enrollment, improve retention, and drive higher value programs. Every year, 3M+ students use systems and processes Infinitive helped execute. We have enabled 900+ colleges and universities to be application accessible for under-served populations.


Infinitive’s healthcare experts guide organizations through the modern transition of the healthcare system by ensuring improved patient experience and operational efficiency while maintaining HIPAA compliance. So far, we have accomplished the following:

  • Reduced data ingest time by 85% for a healthcare tech client from 6 months to 4 weeks
  • Streamlined a healthcare client’s internal activities to avoid penalties while adding $4.4M to their bottom line


We are thrilled to be growing our partnerships! Infinitive will to continue to drive business forward with data as a Snowflake Select Partner, AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, Databricks Partner, Datadog Gold Partner, and Operative Partner. In addition, over 100 Infinitivians are certified in AWS.


As we head into the second half of the year, we will continue leveraging technology to help our clients get more value out of their data. For more information on how Infinitive can help your organization reach your goals, contact us today!

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