Campbell Soup’s New Sales Transformation VP On Testing Instacart’s Free Sample Ad Pilot

Published August 11, 2022

How does an ecommerce platform mimic the experience of in-person shopping? Campbell’s Soup Company has been working with Instacart to determine what marketing tactics affect a consumer’s buying habits.  

Instacart launched a free sample campaign, which targeted customers who purchased soup or broth in the past from a different brand. Customers who accepted the freebie, later received email marketing with other Campbell’s products and recipes.  

Using Instacart’s capabilities, the effort was successful in identifying shoppers and retargeting them to purchase the Campbell’s brand. While marketing and sales are very closely aligned, it is crucial for ecommerce platforms to distinguish brand awareness in the media (marketing) and selling products to retailers (sales). Utilizing both to their full extent leads to effective strategy implementation and increases lead generation and revenue.  

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