Infinitive’s AWS re:Wind – re:Invent 2022 Recap

Published December 16, 2022

AWS re:Wind – What’s all the buzz about?

AWS re:Invent took place on November 28th – December 2nd in Las Vegas, NV and Infinitive was excited to learn more about the cloud, get inspired, and rethink what is possible with AWS solutions. This week, Infinitive hosted re:Wind, a webinar recapping our experience at re:Invent, which included new AWS announcements and track highlights from analytics, compute, AI/ML, and management tools. During our webinar, Tiho Cheresharski, one of Infinitive’s Sales Engineers and Mike Sellery, Infinitive’s Director of Cloud Migration shared emerging themes and key takeaways from the AWS conference moderated by Don Rippert, Infinitive’s Director of Market Development.

Harnessing The Power of Data

This year at re:Invent, AWS focused on highlighting the refinement and maturing of their existing product offerings. A big emphasis was placed on enabling organizations to focus on their business, while saving time and energy when integrating AWS solutions. There were many announcements about AWS technologies, the following are just a few that we think are the most important.

Data and Analytics

Data and analytics announcements talked about building a future-proof data foundation for organizations that democratizes data and breaks down silos by integrating AWS ecosystems, removing steps from the ETL process, and improving the speed of data movement.

Amazon Redshift introduced new features that ease the ingestion of data and make analyzing data faster and easier. Some of the capabilities include auto-copy from S3, Amazon Aurora zero ETL integration with Amazon Redshift, Amazon Redshift Streaming ingestion, and Amazon Redshift Integration for Apache Spark.


Better, faster, cheaper…pick two. But what if you can have it all? AWS compute services provide organizations with secure and resizable compute capacity that has easy scalability. At re:Invent, AWS revealed its new Graviton3E chip that will boost performance efficiency yet again beyond the already impressive levels possible with Graviton 2. In addition, the company announced that SnapStart can reduce Java cold starts by up to 50% on AWS Lambda functions.


Automate, integrate, collaborate! Enabling machine learning at scale was a major theme at the conference. Sessions highlighted the importance of accelerating data preparation, debugging model training, monitoring models during deployment, and improving organizational governance, collaboration, and accessibility.

New AI/ML AWS announcements revolved around new Studio Notebooks, Role Manager for better governance, Model Cards for improved documentation, and Model Dashboards for monitoring models in SageMaker. Additionally, AWS announced the introduction of Amazon CodeWhisperer which helps generate code recommendations in real-time.

Management Tools

Best practice by default – every AWS production customer should be leveraging management tools to save time and effort. AWS Control Tower can be used to apply managed preventative, detective, and proactive controls to accounts and organizational units by service, control objective, or compliance framework. Now, the most important management tools feature an easier menu of compliance options with a simple checkbox and more automated actions to correct things that go astray, not just report on them.

re:Invent Your Organization’s Future

Whether it’s your first year or your 10th year attending AWS re:Invent, you know the amount of information presented at the conference exceeds what we can cover in one webinar and blog post. As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, Infinitive can help your organization get more value out of your data by implementing AWS solutions to allow you to focus on your business. Contact us to start a conversation about all the new and exciting AWS technologies discussed today!