Taking on Technology: One Intern at a Time

The summer flew by and so did Infinitive’s Technology Internship program. This year, Infinitive welcomed 13 interns to the consultancy where they dove deep into cloud computing, full stack application development, data analytics, project management and ultimately became Certified Cloud Practitioners.

The interns were divided into teams to work on three different projects: Media Consumer Intelligence, Cyber Analytics, and Lakehouse Architecture. In each project, team members focused on leveraging assorted services from AWS, Snowflake, and Databricks to create unique solutions for their prospective clients. Along the way, the interns were challenged with finding ways to integrate project components across new scenarios, differentiating architecture by combing AWS and Snowflake services, and exemplifying why Databricks services are the future.

Infinitive’s internship curriculum is based on giving students a true firsthand experience and exposure to innovative technologies. “To create our client’s solution, we used a combination of AWS services such as Lambda, API Gateway, and Sagemaker and used Serverless to connect these functions with our data in Snowflake,” said Nicholas Hagenlock, an intern on the Lakehouse Architecture team. “I learned that real-world experience drastically differs from school where there is one concrete answer, whereas in the working world there are numerous solutions with a lot of different paths to get you there.”

The projects were structured to invigorate critical thinking and problem solving. “My team faced Snowflake permissions issues and had trouble identifying machine learning models,” said Arden Barratt, a computer information systems major at James Madison University. “After research, collaboration, and mentorship I was able to run classification models with the new skills I learned in Snowpark and Jupyter Notebook.”

Not only were the interns able to extensively grow their knowledge in technology but they made valuable connections in the workplace. “My favorite aspect about working at Infinitive was the caring environment and being able to learn and grow from the people around me,” said Jake Podmilsak, an investment management major at Lynn University. “From day one, if I had questions, everyone in the office would be happy to help.”

Infinitive is passionate about teaching the next generation of techies, data geeks, and process gurus to utilize the cloud’s full capabilities and beyond. As this summer wraps up, Infinitive is very appreciative of all the time and effort our leads and mentors put into the program and we know that the interns are walking away with a bucket of knowledge and new skills. The summer 2023 Technology Internship Program application opens the first week of September. For more information, contact us at info@infinitive.com.

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