Monitoring Modern Infrastructure eBook

The view that you built should be standardized across all applications. I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from the people who have used it” Head of Product, Major Healthcare Analytics Organization Download the Monitoring Modern Infrastructure eBook​ Download this eBook and learn how to outline an effective framework for monitoring modern infrastructure and applications, […]

Implementing Observability at Scale: Using Datadog

As highlighted in Part 1, observability aggregates, correlates, and analyzes a steady stream of data (e.g., application, third-party software, infrastructure data) to effectively monitor and troubleshoot applications to meet business requirements – be it business continuity, customer experience, service level indicators (SLIs) or service level objectives (SLOs). In this blog, we will discuss how Infinitive’s […]

AWS DevSecOps Best Practices

Are you tired of slow delivery times, communication breakdowns, and security breaches that could have been avoided? It’s time to consider implementing a DevSecOps culture into your organization. DevOps vs. DevSecOps – Before there was DevSecOps, there was DevOps. DevOps is a business practice that aims to shorten the software development lifecycle by enabling continuous development […]

Datadog Best Practices

In this blog, we will focus on best practices for three of Datadog’s most popular capabilities: metrics, monitors, and dashboards. These three areas provide the first steps into gaining maximum utility from the platform and gaining transparency into the various components that comprise a technology ecosystem. Metrics: Utilize Integrations Before connecting infrastructure to Datadog, check […]

Defining Observability: Monitoring vs. Observability

Monitoring and observability are often used interchangeably, but there are key differences between the two approaches. This is part 1 of a three-part blog series. Part 1 outlines the specifics of monitoring versus observability and explains how both approaches complement each other. Part 2 highlights how to implement an observability framework at scale with Datadog. […]

Leveraging Datadog to Increase Observability

In a culture based on innovation and competition, an increasing number of businesses are migrating to the cloud for its flexibility, efficiency, and strategic value. But to fully realize the value of the cloud, organizations need to tightly monitor and optimize the performance of their applications, network, and infrastructure. With an observability solution, like Datadog, […]