Video: Deep Media Insights for Political Advertising

Published August 14, 2019
CEO Denis McFarlane sits down with media and publishing executive Steve Malinchock to talk about the benefits of complex, real-time, cloud-based analytics in the political advertising sphere. Specifically, with Infinitive’s Deep Media Insights solution, media and publishing organizations can look more closely at more data (like that coming from ad servers) much faster than before. Better news: because of the power and flexibility of cloud-based environments, initial pilot programs can be configured and customized within a week, as opposed to a few months in the past. Other advantages include:
  • More questions and insights: Media and publishing organizations can do more with their data and use it in different ways. For instance, some companies are looking for better forecasting, while others are looking to troubleshoot performance issues.
  • Customer-facing solutions: Internal ad operations teams can use these enhanced analytics to present better dashboards, richer reports and more sophisticated visualizations to clients and advertisers. The reports and dashboards can be improved incrementally, through Agile problem solving.