As a large media company rolling out a new strategic streaming service, we needed program management and leadership support from a partner that understood our ad business on day-1 and that could align the detailed content and first party data requirements to launch the ad systems we needed.”

VP Ad Monetization, Premier Streaming Media Company

Your Challenges

For many organizations, analytics and AI are priority boardroom agenda items. “Data as an asset” is no longer optional and must be part of an organization’s strategy.

Analytics requirements can range from cyber analytics, graph analytics, customer 360° enablement, and data monetization to fraud detection. No matter what your organization needs, building a flexible platform that creates faster, data-driven decision-making while increasing revenue, reducing risks, and decreasing costs are imperatives. Infinitive helps you “get value from data” across the entire analytics ecosystem to help you gain insight with descriptive analytics (e.g., what happened? how many?), diagnostic analytics (e.g., why did it happen?), predictive analytics (e.g., what will happen next?) or prescriptive analytics (e.g., what’s the best that can happen?).

Our Solutions

Infinitive is a transformation and technology consultancy that delivers end-to-end analytics capabilities to deliver impactful business results. Our proven track record of helping clients across multiple industries means we can ensure your business objectives are met while implementing risk mitigation strategies to successfully build a flexible data platform on time, on budget, and with minimal disruptions. Infinitive’s expertise includes:

  • Data Advisory: Maturity Assessment, Strategic Alignment, Roadmap, Data-driven Executive Readouts
  • Data Architecture: Data Hosting Infrastructure, Data Governance, MDM, Data Modeling & Design, Reference Data Architecture
  • Data Migration: Moving from On-premises to a hybrid or Cloud-native data architecture and operational model with accelerators and data quality checkers
  • Data Access, Security, and Privacy: Meeting compliance requirements, starting our maturing data security posture, IAM and pre-audit support, and post-audit remediation
  • Data Visualizations: Dashboard and “What-If” Analytics
  • Data Science and Analytics: Visualizations, IoT Analytics, Graph Analytics, Geospatial Data Visualization
  • AI/ML: Image/Video/Speech Analysis, Embedded Analytics, Anomaly and Insider Threat Detection, Graph Analytics, Text Mining, and Sentiment Analysis

How We’ve Done it

No matter where you are in your data and analytics journey, we can help you accelerate your current progress with our data governance and strategy framework, which delivers organizational data democratization via AWS, Snowflake, and Databricks-based analytics ecosystems rooted in data gover

Data Architecture & Lakehouse Design

Data Hosting Infrastructure, MDM, Data Modeling & Design, Reference Data Architecture

Data Governance & Strategy

Planning, Oversight, and Control Over Management of Data and the Use of Data and Data-related Resources

Data Access, Security
& Privacy

Ensuring Privacy, Confidentiality, Role Based Security, IAM


Data Lineage, Data Catalog, Data Provence, Self Service Data Prep

Data Quality

Defining, Monitoring, Maintaining Data Integrity, Improving Data Quality

Data Transformation

Ingest, Batch/Streaming ETL, CDC, Data Delivery, Data Enrichment


Data Assets Storage, Archiving, Deployment, Management, DB Configuration, Data Migration

Data Science
& Analytics

Data Visualizations, IoT Analytics, Graph Analytics, Geospatial Data Visualization


Audio, Video, Unstructured and foreign language data

  • Data Profiling
  • Highly Secure
  • Could Contain PII
  • Low-Latency
  • Change Data
  • Capture (CDC)
  • Low Cost & Easy to Govern
  • Data exists in raw and curated format
  • Transform and process at scale
  • Raw data gets fransfromed, modeled, and agregated by department and subject area for analytic workloads
  • Data Quality checks performed when data moves from zone 1 to zone 2
  • Data Scientists use raw data for statistical & ML workloads
  • Manage inter-task dependencies (DevOps)
  • Data As A Service (DaaS)
  • Master Data Management (MDM)
  • AI/ML
  • Data Enrichment apply business rules, validation (e.g. postal addresses)
  • Cleansed & Curated Data used by Analysts
  • Data Catalogs can be traversed for Data Discovery
  • Self-Service
  • Forecasting
  • Archive
  • Time window: Rarely accessed

Why Work With Infinitive

As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and Snowflake Select Partner, we understand analytics needs are unique to each organization. Our proven and flexible methodology will accommodate your unique business needs. Infinitive will deliver:

  • Impactful business results that help you reach your goals
  • Customized solutions leveraging our proven frameworks
  • Sustainable change management practices to drive adoption, enablement, and sustainability of our solutions
  • Cost-saving results that utilize the cloud and for faster time-to-value outcomes