As a financial services organization, you know the cloud can be a powerful business accelerator. It can help you quickly scale to meet changing customer expectations, secure PII data, and allow for innovation.

With so many regulations and compliance requirements in the financial services industry, cloud transformation challenges quickly rise to the surface. Shadow IT, security incidents/breaches, data leaks, and audit failures quickly lead to missing goals and overspending. By putting the right processes in place, a cloud governance framework can help streamline your enterprise-wide cloud transformation.


The most effective cloud governance frameworks help optimize your organization’s operations, risk, and spend. When it comes to taking the first step, a cloud governance framework enables you to:
  • Drive more engagement and customer loyalty
  • Create a seamless customer experience
  • Facilitate financial growth for your customers
  • Increase the availability and redundancy of your cloud applications
  • Lower your overall IT expenses
  • Evaluate and understand your cloud risk appetite and decrease your overall risk posture
  • Maintain brand integrity by avoiding fines, lawsuits, and data breaches
  • Minimize regulatory and compliance risk including CCPA, NIST 800-52, NIST CSF, etc…

This Is How We Do It

At Infinitive, we have the financial services industry experts and the cloud experience to help you create a custom cloud governance framework. See how the cloud can help your organization make smarter and faster decisions, maintain compliance, while fostering innovation. Infinitive provides:

  • Technology agnostic approach to create a tailored approach for your organization
  • Custom cloud frameworks to drive successful and sustainable business outcomes
  • A team of risk/compliance SMEs with technologists to implement and automate controls
  • Efficient and effective cloud solution that accelerate your journey to the cloud
  • Increased data security while minimizing compliance and brand risk
Cloud Governance, Cloud Security, Risk Posture

What We’ve Done & What We Deliver

Building IT Governance

Mortgage Securitization Provider

Building IT Governance

Mortgage Securitization Provider

  • Established a unified IT governance and software development lifecycle (SDLC) that detailed roles, responsibilities, policies, procedures, and standards, monitored controls for compliance and operational effectiveness, and created a governance framework to manage future SDLC remediation issues.

  • Enabled the mortgage securitization provider to lower risk profile through a custom tool while maintaining SDLC compliance.

Creating a Custom Cloud Migration Application

Top 10 US Bank

Creating a Custom Cloud Migration

Top 10 US Bank

  • Designed a custom cloud migration application leveraging PostgreSQL database, Python, and JavaScript with reporting through Tableau and Birst.

  • Delivered cost savings, improved data-driven decision making, and identified true-source raw data to upgrade analytical model performance and machine learning.

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