As a healthcare organization, your focus is to provide the best experience for  your members through innovative services and accessibility. By moving to the cloud, you can quickly innovate to improve patient experience, and drive operational efficiency.

With strict healthcare regulations like HIPAA and HITECH, cloud transformation challenges quickly rise to the surface. Shadow IT, security breaches, data leaks, and audit failures quickly lead to missed goals and overspending. By putting the right processes in place, a cloud governance framework can help streamline your enterprise-wide cloud transformation.


The most effective cloud governance frameworks help optimize your organization’s operations, risk, and spend. When it comes to taking the first step, a cloud governance framework should allow you to:

  • Protect sensitive health data to support privacy and security
  • Evolve with changing compliance requirements
  • Increase patient engagement by improving treatment experience and health outcomes
  • Scale quickly to meet fluctuating needs across your systems and facilities
  • Maintain brand integrity by avoiding fines, lawsuits, and data breaches

This Is How We Do It

At Infinitive, we have healthcare industry experts and the cloud experience to help you create a custom cloud governance framework. See how the cloud can help your organization make smarter and faster decisions, maintain compliance, while fostering innovation. Infinitive provides:

  • Technology agnostic approach to create a tailored approach for your organization
  • Custom cloud frameworks to drive successful and sustainable business outcomes
  • Efficient and effective cloud solution that accelerate your journey to the cloud
  • Increased data security while maintaining HIPAA and HITECH compliance

What We’ve Done & What We Deliver

Creating Cloud Architecture, Governance, and Operations

Top 25 Health Insurance Company

Creating Cloud Architecture, Governance, and Operations

Top 25 Health Insurance Company

  • Guided platform architecture, security, and operations utilizing best practices from Infinitive’s cloud governance framework.

  • Facilitated the health insurance company in establishing a cloud governance program and built policies, procedures, and processes including HIPAA and other compliance requirements.

Creating a Custom Cloud Migration Application

Top 10 US Bank

Creating a Custom Cloud Migration

Top 10 US Bank

  • Designed a custom cloud migration application leveraging PostgreSQL database, Python, and JavaScript with reporting through Tableau and Birst.

  • Delivered cost savings, improved data-driven decision making, and identified true-source raw data to upgrade analytical model performance and machine learning.

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