Infinitive helps financial service organization differentiate and increase revenue by improving  customer experience and customer retention through Infinitive’s Consumer Intelligence solution for Financial Services. We are dedicated to helping you collect, protect, and connect your 1st and 2nd party data to provide opportunities to upsell and cross-sell your current customers while acquiring new ones.

Financial Services Consumer Challenges

Building a unified Customer 360 platform that brings together all your 1st party customer data, including CRM data, is a challenge. Infinitive help clients increase revenue by aggregating 2nd party data into a secure clean room. Our solution helps you:

  • Engage customers to decrease churn while providing relevant products at the right place and right time
  • Embed analytics into existing applications so your front-line workers can upsell and cross-sell other products and services
  • Implement secure sharing of data with external partners
  • Target ideal new customers with relevant product offerings
  • Stay ahead of consumer privacy rules and regulatory fines

This Is How We Do It

Infinitive’s Financial Services  Consumer Intelligence solution helps your organization with:
  • Collection and leveraging of 1st and 2rd Party Consumer data
  • Implementing clean room and consumer privacy solutions
  • Identifying the most significant consumer data use cases and having a running POC/MVP in just 90 days

Business Outcomes

  • Cross-sell/Up-sell
  • Reduce Churn
  • New Costumer Acquisition
  • Differentiation
  • Introduce New Products
  • Improved CX
  • Conversion Optimization
  • new Revenue Streams


Propensity to Buy

Targeting & Personalization

Hyper Segmentation

Next Best Action

Scores, Forecasts, Recommenations

Consumer Intelligence








Second Party




Why Work with Infinitive

Infinitive’s financial services experts are dedicated to resolving your data challenges. As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and Snowflake Partner, we will help you collect, protect, and connect your 1st party and 2nd party data to “get more value out of your data” by increasing revenue and building strong relationships with consumers.