Infinitive helps healthcare payers improve cost, speed, and accuracy of claims processing up to 40% by migrating your claims workloads to the cloud with our Claims Analytics Platform.

Healthcare Claims Analytics Challenges

The most effective migration framework moves your claims analytics workloads to the cloud to:  

  • Eliminate downtime and achieve on-demand scale 
  • Maintain HIPAA/PII compliance and avoid fines 
  • Reduce cost of existing on-prem claims analytics 
  • Invest in claims processing accuracy and fraud reduction improvements 

This Is How We Do It

Infinitive’s Claims Analytics Platform helps your organization with: 

  • Leveraging savings to improve accuracy of claims processing and reduce fraud 
  • Increasing claims processing speed through a custom cloud-native infrastructure 
  • Improving HIPAA/PII compliance by adapting to legacy IT 
  • Decreasing cost and increasing ROI within 90 days 

Why Work with Infinitive

Infinitive’s healthcare experts are dedicated to resolving your organizations healthcare claims analytics challenges. As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, we will help your organization improve the speed and accuracy of claims processing to “get more value out of your data” by enhancing analytics on claims, minimizing fraud, and remaining compliant. 

  • Currently works with one of the world’s most ethical healthcare companies 
  • Deep knowledge of the healthcare industry 
  • Cross market experience migrating and building AWS analytics solutions 
  • AWS Advanced Consulting Partner