AWS Summit NYC Recap – It’s All About AI

On July 26th, 2023, Infinitive attended AWS Summit held in the vibrant heart of New York City. At the Summit, we immersed ourselves in a dynamic world of innovation, surrounded by AWS experts, builders, and partners – all converging to share invaluable insights on a myriad of topics ranging from AI and machine learning to analytics, database, EC2 compute, storage, DevOps & developer productivity, serverless, and much more.

Unlock Generative AI with AWS

Generative AI was at the forefront of discussion at the Summit. AWS unveiled a series of exciting advancements at the Keynote session, which included the expansion of its fully managed foundation model service, Amazon Bedrock. The new additions to Bedrock include models from leading companies like Cohere, Anthropic, and Stability AI, empowering customers to access, test, and deploy cutting-edge models effortlessly. Cohere’s Command text generation model offers remarkable capabilities in summarization, dialogue, and information extraction, while Anthropic’s Claude 2 excels in handling extensive conversational prompts. Stability AI’s models, on the other hand, have evolved to generate realistic content across various media types, including text, images, audio, video, and code. 

To accelerate the development of generative AI applications, AWS introduced “Agents for Bedrock,” a user-friendly tool that allows the creation of fully managed agents without any coding expertise. This feature enables AI models to understand user requests, generate step-by-step guides, and carry on conversations to fulfill requests and orchestrate tasks efficiently. 

In addition to these advancements, AWS has launched AWS Entity Resolution, a powerful analytics service that helps businesses analyze, match, and link related records stored across various apps and data stores. This service aids in better decision-making, supply chain optimization, marketing campaigns, and financial decisions by providing a clearer understanding of data relationships. 

Furthermore, AWS enriched the business intelligence capabilities with Amazon QuickSight Q, which leverages the new large language model capabilities from Amazon Bedrock. This integration enables users to explore data and create visuals, calculations, and narratives using natural language, without the need for specific syntax. 

Finally, AWS presented a preview release of a vector engine for Amazon OpenSearch Serverless, offering scalable and high-performing similarity search capabilities without the hassle of managing underlying vector database infrastructure. Moreover, the general availability of Amazon EC2 P5 instances, powered by NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs, ensures a significant reduction in training time and lower training costs for AI/ML and high-performance computing workloads.

Infinitive’s Summit Experience

At the conference, Infinitive presented two of our new innovative solutions. First being a reference architecture for a First Party Data solution, which included a demo implementation of that architecture using AWS tools and technology. Booth traffic was intrigued by the business rationale for how a company can make money with better management of their First Party Data. Using AWS technology and Infinitive’s Data Transformation Methodology, our experts help organizations grow the value of their First Party Data by enhancing personalization, improving cross- and up-selling, increasing retention, and creating new revenue streams. Learn more about our Data Transformation Methodology.

We also highlighted our Personalized Premium Content Streaming (PPCS) solution which enables media owners to put all their premium content (historical and new) into streaming, must-see highlights that their fans can personally define, curate, and engage with whenever they want. PPCS is powered by contextual and First Party Data targeting, allowing organizations to get a better understanding of users to provide highly targeted video advertising while increasing revenue stream. Learn more about our Personalized Premium Content Streaming (PPCS) solution.

Furthermore, two high priority topics were top of mind when talking with media companies, 1) How to reduce operating Costs in the age of digital streaming and 2) How to use AI across the Ad business to drive business impacts… and especially how to merge those two topics together! Infinitive is actively working with AWS and other technology partners to develop solutions were AI, analytics, and automation are implemented to reduce costs throughout the Order to Cash process with key focuses around: ad inventory forecasting, automated order creation, video content curation and discovery, and ad impression opportunity analysis. AI for content curation and discovery is already being used with our Personalized Premium Content Streaming (PPCS) solution.

As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, Infinitive is proud to have the opportunity to leverage the cutting-edge tools and technologies from AWS. With the groundbreaking announcements, AWS is propelling the potential of generative AI, data analytics, and machine learning to new heights, igniting a paradigm shift from experimentation to widespread deployment across industries and businesses. Together, we can start your data-driven journey to achieve your business goals.