Video: Agile Beyond IT: Why Should Leaders in Other Areas Use Agile Techniques

You may be thinking to yourself, “I keep hearing about Agile. It seems like everyone is doing it these days.” And it’s true! More and more companies are adopting Agile principles to become more efficient and react better to shifting priorities. “Is Agile Just for IT and Software Developers?” Agile started as a manifesto addressing […]

Leading Digital Transformation: How Cultivating Trust Enables Success

I recently came across some interesting survey results, which caused me to think about trust in the context of today’s digital transformation and change initiatives. The following data from author Stephen Covey’s The Business Case for Trust is particularly enlightening: In a 2002 Watson Wyatt study, high-trust organizations outperformed low-trust organizations in total return to […]

Transformation Turducken: 5 Tactics for Effective Organizational Change

The second in a three-part series on change leadership, covering:   People: How the emotional intelligence of leaders helps drive successful change Organization: Learning from the cultures and environments where change takes place Experience: The role of real-world knowledge, failure and confidence in leading change At certain times of year, we hear more and more about […]

How to Use Big Data Effectively: Data Strategy Tips from #DigitalBrainFest 2016

Gathering massive amounts of data is easier than ever. The Get Control of Your Big Data Before Getting Buried Alive session at Digital BrainFest 2016, which included our own Ray Vazquez and Dennis Middleton, addressed ways to effectively harness data and make it work for your company, including managing data-related risks. As the panel of experts discussed, many […]

How Big Data Transformed Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll [Infographic]

If big data can transform love, medicine and music, what do you think it can do for YOUR business? That’s the question we ask in this infographic, The Unofficially Official Big Data Guide to Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll. We compiled some of our favorite data points in this new visual guide to show that big […]

How to Reduce the Technology Tax: Examine Ad Tech Stack & Processes

Infinitive Principal Jeremy Hines recently contributed an article to AdExchanger’s “Data-Driven Thinking” column, highlighting the complexities surrounding the digital advertising technology tax. Simply put, as Jeremy writes in “The Taxing Complexity of Digital Advertising,” publishers should simplify and standardize technology to save money: [P]ublishers are looking for “deductions” to reduce their tech tax rate. Because […]

Seven Signs You Need a Data Strategy

Big data has clearly reached a certain level of maturity on the technology hype cycle. Basically, that means many initial and early investments in business intelligence, customer intelligence, advanced analytics or other big data capabilities have yet to yield the kind of breakthrough performance gains that were promised. You could say that the potential value […]

Two Dimensions of Transformation Success: Strategic and Tactical

In our experience designing, implementing and overseeing large-scale strategic change initiatives, we have seen how the most effective transformation initiatives are notable for having a strong strategic vision and senior leadership. They also have a nitty-gritty focus on execution and a huge number of operational details. This combination of the strategic and tactical components means successful transformations […]

Developing Your Data Strategy: What It Is & Why You Need One

  As we go deeper into the era of dealing with big data, and companies invest ever larger sums in data management and analytics capabilities and technologies, more companies are taking a step back and asking about the underlying strategy. Specifically, these companies are considering developing a data strategy – or already have one in […]