Increasing Revenue Opportunities with Cloud Governance

In today’s environment, companies must consistently manage and change their cloud risk posture due to technology changes, federal and state regulations changes, changes in customer expectations, and a variety of external threats. Regardless of where you are on your cloud journey, your organization needs to revisit your cloud governance framework to drive revenue and create […]

Boost Your Career with Infinitive’s Accelerator Program

“Circle back,” “on-deck,” or “boil the ocean” are all phrases that could sound confusing on your first few days of consulting. Luckily, for early career consultants at Infinitive, there is a community of fellow novices who can assist you in navigating this new environment. The Accelerator Program (AP), established in 2021, is an integral part […]

InFUNiday Recap

On Friday April 29th, 2022, Infinitive’s employees were able to come together at Capital One Hall in Tysons Corner, VA for InFUNiday, a day of networking, learning, and fun after almost two years of being remote due to COVID-19. Employees stepped into the world of Harry Potter as they received their Infinitive’s School of Data […]

Infinitive Is Now an AWS Media Intelligence Consulting Partner Infinitive has been named an AWS Media Intelligence Consulting Partner and is identified as one of the few companies that has both media and technology expertise to help harness the power of AI and ML solutions to drive topline growth through content monetization and content search and discovery. Infinitive combines deep media experience with AWS’s […]

Infinitive Is Now an AWS Lambda Service Delivery Partner Infinitive has been named an AWS Lambda Service Delivery Partner, one of a handful of companies globally to receive this designation. AWS Lambda provides serverless computing services in an entirely cloud-native computing platform that allow for quicker scaling, more efficient data migration, consistent performance, and lower operating costs. We’re excited to achieve this AWS […]

Infinitive is Now an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner We’re PUMPED to announce that we’re now an Amazon Web Services Advanced Consulting Partner! Our unmatched expertise with AWS means we’ve been there, done that, and bought the t-shirt when it comes to the AWS cloud. Whether you’re looking to leverage AWS for innovation, agility, cost savings, operational efficiency, or all of the above, […]