Business Benefits

 Unlock the full potential of observability with Infinitive’s assessments. Our tailored solutions drive excellence, efficiency, and resilience in your IT operations.

  • Operational Excellence: Optimize processes for smoother data and incident management.
  • Resilience: Enhance system stability and minimize downtime risks.
  • Compliance Assurance: Ensure adherence to regulations and risk management.
  • Cost Efficiency: Identify savings opportunities for a leaner operation.

Common Challenges

Organizations often do not fully realize the potential value of their observability tool implementations. This is understandable given the many potential challenges and pitfalls to achieve maturity in observability. Leveraging our assessment framework, Infinitive can scope an assessment to meet your needs and address these challenges head-on.

Observability Assessment

Infinitive’s Observability Assessment Framework

Our comprehensive assessment framework provides a holistic view of observability domains and highlights “horizontal” interdependencies across the enterprise. We use this framework to identify areas for optimization, inform tool vendor selection and/or drive effective tool implementation.

Observability Domains:

  • Data Management: Optimize data collection and storage.
  • Monitoring & Alerting: Enhance issue detection.
  • Logging & Tracing: Efficient debugging and diagnostics.
  • Analytics & Visualization: Data-driven insights.
  • Incident Management & Response: Proactive issue resolution.

Horizontal Focus Areas:

  • Security & Compliance: Data security and compliance.
  • Infrastructure & Architecture: Scalability and resilience.
  • Technology Optimization: Efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Organizational Alignment: Clear accountability and collaboration.

Infinitive’s Observability Assessment Solutions

Infinitive tailors observability assessments to your needs, starting with the baseline assessments below. We often combine aspects both types of assessments to enhance overall observability capabilities utilizing new tools.
  • Operational Excellence & Optimization Assessment
    • Purpose: Improve your operational capabilities in observability systems and processes, to drive compliance, resilience, and operational efficiencies.
    • Core Focus:
      • Process Optimization: Improve operational proficiency via streamlined data and incident management.
      • Operational Resilience: Strengthen systems to secure data and minimize potential downtimes.
      • Compliance Assurance: Ensure processes and systems adhere to regulatory and risk management protocols.
      • Cost Efficiency: Identify efficiencies that drive tangible cost savings.
  • Observability Tool Strategy & Implementation Support Assessment
    • Purpose: Inform observability tool selection, implementation, and adoption, aligned with your organizational requirements and priorities.
    • Core Focus:
      • Vendor Selection Readiness: Identification and prioritization of requirements and evaluation criteria to support future vendor selection.
      • Architecture & Process Efficiencies: Identify areas for potential cost savings and strengthened resilience to be addressed in future-state architecture.
      • Future Tool Integration & Support: Initial planning to ensure the organization maximized the value of future-state capabilities.
      • Implementation Risk Mitigation: Planning to prevent impacts to system, data and processes that are core to existing resilience and compliance.

How We’ve Done it

Infinitive guided a large healthcare organization to create a data-driven, cross-functional engineering collaboration integrating separate product teams around Datadog Dashboarding technology. This enabled the client to deliver new organizational capabilities including:

  • Rapid root cause analysis
  • Single pane of glass management
  • Early detection of system problems Infinitive continues to support the client in the reduction of costs associated with application monitoring and ensuring compliance.

Why Work With Infinitive

Infinitive’s observability experts are dedicated to resolving your organization’s IT and operational challenges. We help organizations assess existing monitors, logs, and traces for deficiencies and improvements, implement dashboards with alerting and monitoring functionality, and define future success within the observability space to allow for predictive analytics within the organization.
  • Datadog Gold Tier Partner
  • Experience delivering new organizational capabilities such as rapid root cause analysis, single pane of glass management with dashboards, and early detection of system problems for a large healthcare organization
  • AWS Advanced Consulting Partner with deep experience in DevOps and DevSecOps