PPCS: The Next Advancement in Personalized Streaming

The age-old adage that “Content is King” has never been truer than it is today. But with the explosion of video content sources, along with the number of devices where consumers can watch it, audiences have never been more dispersed. Consumers are rushing to streaming options and apps in a fragmented marketplace to find and watch the programming that they love. But is your premium content getting the consumer engagement that it deserves? Gaining and keeping fans’ attention with your premium content is a critical challenge that isn’t going away soon.

Introducing Personalized Premium Content Streaming (PPCS) – a pre-integrated Direct-to-Consumer video and streaming solution that enables you to give your consumers the personalized and highly engaging experience that they desire to have with your content.

Built on the NOMAD intuitive cloud-based content and asset management platform powered by Amazon Web Services AI technology, media owners can put all of their premium content (historical and new) into streaming, must-see highlights that their audiences can personally define, curate, and engage with whenever they want.

The way video content is being consumed today has evolved. PPCS is a turnkey solution that organizes your premium content into the short-form video feeds that users are so ingrained to consuming in today’s digital age. It will empower your fans to define and create personalized feeds based on their interests and passions, all in the palms of their hands. PPCS also goes beyond VOD (Video on Demand) solutions, as it can also be used to bolster existing live or FAST (Free Ad-supported Streaming Television) channel offerings.

The cost of customer acquisition is massive in today’s media landscape. The PPCS solution’s intelligent discovery technology, powered by its recommendation engine and artificial intelligence capabilities, enable the rights holder to categorize, surface, and then ascertain data off of its content for a unique feed for every end user.

By gaining a better understanding of your users, not only does this increase engagement and inform what specialized content your consumers love and want more or less of, but it provides opportunity for highly targeted video advertising and eCommerce revenue streams.

In addition, the curation capability allows the rights holder to monetize archived content which is sitting dormant and earning $0. If you’re an established content owner – this provides the opportunity to further monetize new video content alongside your archived programming from years past.

For the new content creator – this is an out-of-the-box video experience that integrates advertising technology and personalization capabilities that only require your own branding preferences to configure.

This is for anyone who has premium content today – whether it’s broadcast news, sports, entertainment, digital learning, events and conferences, or houses of worship. Simply put, if you’re a video rights holder and want to better engage your fans, this is a solution for you.

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