Driving Healthier Communities through Innovation

Authority piece: could be a quote, a video, an infographic, or a featured case study. Each piece will have its own pre-designed template for consistency. Replace with correct type template. Challenge A large technology company that offers a social care platform was struggling to keep up with its rapid growth and antiquated applications. Infinitive was […]

AWS DevSecOps Best Practices

Are you tired of slow delivery times, communication breakdowns, and security breaches that could have been avoided? It’s time to consider implementing a DevSecOps culture into your organization. DevOps vs. DevSecOps – Before there was DevSecOps, there was DevOps. DevOps is a business practice that aims to shorten the software development lifecycle by enabling continuous development […]

Centralized vs. Federated Governance for Citizen Developers when Using Low-Code

The demand for robust and efficient software applications has been steadily increasing and has in turn prompted companies to invest in rapid code development. Low-code has allowed organizations to incorporate citizen developers who do not have coding expertise to develop complex, yet scalable applications in a short amount of time through platform plugins and drag-n-drop […]

Build Your Applications Faster with Low-Code Development

With an increase of application usage, there is no doubt the demand for new software is accelerating. According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), over 500 million applications will be deployed by 2023 – the same amount of software was developed over the last few decades. This fast-growing demand points out the need for software […]

Increase Speed, Delivery, and Innovation With DevOps

DevOps is a popular set of practices, tools, and cultural philosophy in the modern Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) that delivers faster releases, accelerated time-to-resolution, decreased build complexity, increased innovation, and more. The approach facilitates effective communication and collaboration between teams by breaking down silos and ultimately helping your organization “get more value out of […]