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Business Benefits

In today’s rapidly changing industry landscape, businesses are constantly seeking an edge to not just survive but excel. Our Ad Business Transformation solutions are specifically engineered to help companies thrive in a transforming industry by enhancing the way work gets done in sales, planning, trafficking, forecasting, business operations, and information technology. We apply proven methods, tools, and media industry knowledge to turn transformational visions into operational realities. Modern Ad Business capabilities which align the people, processes, systems, and Ad data allows enterprises to:

  • Decrease Operational Costs and increase Order to Cash Efficiency: Media expertise coupled with data-driven insights can help identify inefficiencies and bottlenecks in ad business operations. By analyzing ad stack tools and integrations, operational data, and areas for use of AI solutions, companies can streamline processes, implement systems automation, and optimize resource allocation.
  • Align Sales across platforms and brands: Sellers are empowered with aligned brand and consumer data, products, inventory availability, and sales tools which increase x-platform sales volume and yield while reducing manual work and administrative tasks.  
  • Leverage First Party and Third Party data: Consumer data, agency targeting, identity graphs, and third party data enhancement can be aligned to provide advanced business insights, enable x-organization data sharing, increase ad yield, and improve consumer engagement and trust with a companies content.
  • Improve decision-making: Mature Ad Business organizations base their decisions on factual information rather than gut feelings or assumptions.  Flexible operational and executive dashboarding which brings together disparate data sources enables business agility.
  • Continuously innovate: Leading Ad Business organizations embrace a culture of continuous improvement and innovation. By collecting and analyzing data on performance metrics, consumer engagement, and market trends, companies can identify areas for advanced ad products and innovation. This iterative approach helps companies stay relevant in a rapidly evolving media industry.

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Susie Meehan

  • Dynamic executive with extensive years of combined experience leading large teams to secure/streamline revenue for some of the biggest events in the world including Olympics, Super Bowl, WorldCup, NFL, News channels and Entertainment.
  • Combine advanced leadership and digital / media expertise with superior business acumen to fuel revenue growth.

Common Challenges

Over the past 20+ years our teams have supported hundreds of Ad Business Transformation projects across the globe. We have solved many of the common challenges that organizations face when monetizing their content and audience engagement to drive revenue. Issues include:
  • Outdated Ad Stack solutions: Ad Systems and vendor licenses which are no longer meeting new business needs or are expiring.
  • Lack of system integrations: Manual “swivel-chair” procedures between systems and multiple spreadsheets are required to manage orders through the process.
  • Mis-aligned organizations and processes: Increased operational costs, re-work, errors, make-goods, and lack of efficiency due to conflicting resource responsibilities and process friction.
  • Poor data quality: Inaccurate, incomplete, and undocumented data across Sales MDM, Product Catalog, and Campaign Performance data.
  • Delayed projects and lack of adoption: Resources’ “day-jobs” do not allow for dedicated focus of project management, communication, and training adoption causing new change projects to fail and poor end-user adoption.

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Infinitive's Capabilities and Solutions

Regardless if your mature Ad Business is leading the industry with digital solutions, or if you are a new entrant and just getting started, we can help you wherever you are to take the right next step in optimizing and advancing your Ad Business capabilities. We will help you map out the journey you need and can cover all aspects from design to vendor selection, to systems configuration, to go-live, with customized end-user training and adoption.

Our support of your strategy, processes, people, technology, and data needs can cover you across all the areas below, and beyond:

Ad Business Assessment: Recommendations, Roadmap, and ROI analysis, Benchmarking, Future-State Vision, and Vendor Selection. Learn More…

Program Leadership and Project Management: Program roadmap and critical workstreams definition for complex transformations.  Detailed project planning, status and issue tacking, communications and successful go-live management. AI enhanced project alignment, accountability, auditing, and executive time savings.

Process and Org R&R: Pitch-to-Pay Efficiencies, Business Rules and Governance, Roles and Responsibilities, Organizational design and mergers, Order to Cash Workflow and Handoffs

Ad Sales MDM and Product Taxonomy Data: Sales Accounts and Contacts optimization, Universal Product Taxonomy, Pricing and Packaging, Inventory and Forecasting, Yield Management. 

Ad Stack Transformation: Customer Relationship (CRM), Order Management (OMS), Ad Servers, First and Third Party Data solutions, Ad system Integrations and Data Analytics & Reporting. Learn More…

User Adoption: User Acceptance Testing, Role-based Training, Post-launch Hypercare, Change Management and executive Communication.

AI Enablement: Identifying AI solutions for operational cost reduction, process and reporting efficiencies, advanced analytics and new ad business products and capabilities.

How We’ve Done it

Global Ad Stack Transformation — A global Media & Entertainment conglomerate faced very aggressive timelines driven by ending legacy system contracts, varying operational processes, and merger integration complexity across 4 major media brands. Infinitive was engaged to plan, manage and execute over 20 system migrations across more than 20 countries for all inventory, including the management of ad server and OMS optimization (all completed in under 10 months). Over $475M in Ad revenue was successfully migrated, involving 20,000+ lines, and 500+ global end users trained.

Converged Linear and Digital Transformation — This MVPD client saw an opportunity to consolidate disparate ad sales organizations, processes and tech in order to create a converged business unit that could sell both digital and linear advertising through a single, streamlined process. Infinitive was engaged to define the new sales processes, facilitate the design and execution of over 10 unique integrations into the OMS, achieve single portal execution of the full life cycle of addressable campaigns (planning, trafficking and billing), and conduct remote training for all impacted sales and operations personnel. This enabled cross-selling of Digital-Programmatic, Digital-Direct, and Addressable inventory on a single media plan.

Organizational and Process Optimization — This large media conglomerate saw an opportunity to streamline and optimize functions, processes and organizational hierarchy within its digital business following a large-scale merger of 3 major media brands. Infinitive was contracted to assess the current-state process, systems, and 20 overlapping functions, conduct a comprehensive ROI analysis, and determine the optimal future-state process workflows, roles, and organizational structure to support growth while reducing costs. 142 key findings highlighted process improvements, 16 roles were consolidated into 7 optimized roles, and teams across the brands were brought together — all resulting in $3.4M+ in ad business savings.

Why Work With Infinitive

Our solutions are built on scalable, secure, low-latency, cloud-based technology, all powered by our deep experience with leading media technology vendors. We will roll up our sleeves and work alongside your teams from initial strategy and vision to design and implementation, to full user adoption. We are with you every step of the way.

  • Worked with 9/10 of the top Media companies in the world
  • Implementation experience with most of the premier Ad Technology solution providers
  • Employees that are Ad business and transformation veterans bringing best practices to your programs