Navigating the Cloud: Infinitive’s Comprehensive Solutions for Secure Digital Transformation

In an era dominated by digital transformation and the widespread adoption of cloud computing, ensuring the security and control of your organization’s digital assets has never been more critical. Infinitive is your trusted partner in navigating this dynamic landscape. We understand that in the cloud, risk management is a shared responsibility between providers and customers. Our primary focus is on empowering you to secure the cloud platform, applications, identity, risk, and access management, enabling you to harness the full potential of cloud technology effectively.

Drawing from our extensive experience within the financial services industry and our expertise in risk management, Infinitive brings a unique blend of technology, risk management, and business transformation to the table. Our holistic approach allows us to offer comprehensive and effective solutions to safeguard your digital assets while ensuring compliance with industry regulations.

In this blog, we will introduce you to our suite of solutions designed to address the challenges and risks associated with cloud adoption. From Cloud Risk and Controls Maturity Assessment to Cloud Governance Policies, Standards, and Procedures, we have a comprehensive set of offerings tailored to meet your specific needs and empower you to thrive in the cloud securely.

Infinitive’s Cloud Risk and Controls offering is primarily focused on the customer’s responsibilities to secure the cloud platform, applications, and identity & access management. It consists of a set of solutions for companies who are operating in the cloud to manage risks associated with it in order to securely and effectively utilize the cloud. We built this based on our cloud controls experience within the financial services industry and knowledge of Risk Management.

Infinitive brings a unique mix of experience across technology, risk management, and business transformation. Our solutions leverage each of these areas to drive comprehensive and effective solutions to secure your digital assets and remain compliant. Here are our solutions:

  • Cloud Risk and Controls Maturity Assessment: Evaluate end-to-end cloud control and governance processes against best practices. Assess maturity relative to other companies in the industry. Provide recommendations for improvement.
  • Cloud Control Lifecycle Support: Establish and/or enhance risk management lifecycle process to evaluate cloud risks, design and implement controls and monitor for compliance.
  • Cloud Service Enablement: Create a structured approach for launching approved cloud services in a secure manner, while identifying dependencies and risks and providing alignment for stakeholders.
  • Governance Policies, Standards, and Procedures: Establish robust policies, standards, and procedures to govern cloud environments effectively, ensuring security, compliance, and optimal performance.

Infinitive’s Cloud Risk & Controls Maturity Assessment evaluates your organization’s risk management processes and cloud controls approach against our best practices framework to provide recommendations for improving your cloud risk posture. Our assessment will evaluate your organization’s current cloud controls and the cloud control lifecycle process. This will allow you to have a clear path forward to address deficiencies to gain stakeholder trust (Risk, Audit, Regulator) and have a framework to reference for future maturity self-assessments.  

Infinitive’s Cloud Control Lifecycle Support solutions help organizations establish and/or enhance repeatable and sustainable processes for ongoing management of cloud-related risks. Our Cloud Control Lifecycle Framework provides a blueprint for developing an effective cloud controls program. The framework has 4 primary focus areas: 

  • Risk Assessment: Identify and assess risks impacting your organization, enabling proactive risk mitigation through well-defined cloud controls.
  • Control Design & Documentation: Define and document controls to address your specific requirements, drafting standardized control language for implementation.
  • Control Implementation & Validation: Implement the controls, validate that they run as intended and publish standardized control language to your system-of-record.
  • Control Monitoring & Exceptions Tracking: Monitor controls to ensure compliance and actively manage remediation for non-compliant instances. Create a standardized exceptions process to accept risks for non-compliant resources that will not be remediated in the short-term.

This solution will help your company identify potential vulnerabilities, ‘blind spots’, and solutions by evaluating risk(s). It will also reduce risk of non-compliance by reviewing documentation against relevant regulations, improve performance by identifying underperforming or overutilized resources, and decrease communication and control drift through cross-functional alignment.  

Infinitive’s Cloud Services Enablement solution empowers organizations to securely launch and manage services, fostering collaboration, innovation, and cost savings through optimized cloud resource utilization. Our solution empowers organizations to overcome the complexities of cloud service deployment by having a structured launch process with secure usage guidelines. This will increase innovation by having access to a wide range of cloud services and technologies, improve scalability by easily scaling services up or down, and reduce costs by only paying for services used.  

Infinitive’s Cloud Governance Policies, Standards & Procedures will provide clear guidance on governance of cloud-based risks. This will improve decision-making by following a framework, improve security by providing best practices, and provide consistency and clarity around essential policies, standards, and procedures.

In an ever-evolving digital landscape, where innovation and security are paramount, Infinitive stands as your trusted partner to help you overcome the challenges and seize the opportunities presented by cloud computing. Our Cloud Risk and Controls offering, built on the foundation of industry best practices, is cloud-agnostic and is a scalable and adaptable solution designed to address your unique requirements.

With our Cloud Risk and Controls Maturity Assessment, you can gain valuable insights into your organization’s cloud risk posture, while our Cloud Control Lifecycle Support ensures that you have robust processes in place for ongoing risk management. Our Cloud Service Enablement solution empowers you to securely leverage cloud services, driving innovation and cost savings, and our Cloud Governance Policies, Standards, and Procedures provide the necessary framework for effective governance.

Infinitive is committed to your success, and our experience and track record speak for themselves. By partnering with us, you can enhance your cloud environment’s security, compliance, and overall performance. As you embark on your cloud journey, trust Infinitive to guide you toward a secure and prosperous future in the cloud.

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