As companies embrace cloud technologies, they face challenges in assessing the unique and dynamic risks of cloud environments. This assessment addresses this challenge by identifying areas for improvement and prioritizing actions to mitigate cloud-related risks effectively. 


Infinitive’s assessment has two primary areas of focus:  

  1. Evaluating an organization’s current cloud controls for platform, services, and identity & access management. 
  2. Evaluating cloud control lifecycle processes. The assessment leverages Infinitive’s cloud risk/control catalog and control lifecycle framework for establishing and maintaining effective controls to mitigate risks in a dynamic cloud environment.  


Through this assessment, your organization gains clarity on areas to address, enabling effective mitigation of cloud-related risks. In turn, this drives confidence with key business, risk, and regulatory stakeholders, enabling your organization to move more quickly in adopting beneficial cloud technologies. Additionally, the assessment provides a framework for future maturity self-assessment, empowering continuous improvement and increased cloud security. 

Why Work With Infinitive

With over two decades of experience, Infinitive has established itself as a reliable partner for prominent enterprises across diverse sectors. Our mix of technological acumen, risk management proficiency, and transformation expertise sets Infinitive apart from others and enables us to bring impactful and comprehensive solutions to our clients.

Our accomplished experts seamlessly merge their extensive knowledge of cloud architecture and IT governance frameworks with adept change management strategies, resulting in enduring transformation while operating securely and compliant with industry standards and regulations (e.g., HIPAA, PCI-DSS, GDPR and CCPA).