Growth of online learning, enrollment uncertainty, tighter budgets, job market needs, and shifting student expectations are driving the education industry to quickly transform and innovate. At Infinitive, our experts will provide you with solutions supported by comprehensive change management to increase enrollment, improve retention, and drive higher value programs.

Infinitive helps education organizations “get more value out of your data” by working together with our clients to tackle big challenges. Our industry experts enable your organization to access, secure, and monetize data to achieve your goals. We invest time in the development of our team and clients to provide you with proven strategies and deliver results.

Infinitive’s Higher Education Strategic Data Planning provides higher education institutions with the clarity and alignment needed to effectively assess a move to the cloud with AWS. We help university leaders and constituents build consensus around university-wide goals and challenges to formulate a business case for investment in the cloud to better leverage data as a superpower across the institution.

As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner with the AWS Education Competency, we can help create a custom cloud adoption strategy to create a secure and scalable infrastructure to deliver:

  • Online Learning – Planning and managing the transition to online or hybrid education including implementation of LMS’s and alternative learning programs.
  • Data Privacy and Compliance – Cybersecurity and compliance solutions to ensure alignment with standards and regulations, and provide privacy and protection of student data.
  • Cloud Journey – Strategy, architecture and migration services to optimize IT costs, improve scalability, increase innovation and generate more academic value.
  • Data Science and Analytics – Leveraging institutional and learning data to provide insights that effectively and efficiently increase success in students, administrators, and faculty while encouraging leaders to promote a data decision making culture.
  • Optimizing the Student Experience – Analyzing the student academic lifecycle to identify opportunities to improve student experience through technology solutions and process improvements.
  • Observability – Identifying and remedying student system and application issues faster to improve end-user experiences and enable analytics.