How Infinitive Boosted ETL Performance and Cost Efficiency for a Non-Profit by Migrating to AWS with Databricks

Infinitive recently partnered with an educational non-profit to undertake a significant data migration and transformation project. The initiative’s goal was to transition from an on-premises Oracle system to a more scalable AWS environment, focusing on optimizing data pipelines and transforming data in accordance with complex business rules. Challenge Faced by the Educational Non-Profit The client […]

Data Strategy: Navigating the Next Frontier (AI)

Many companies have declared that they will move aggressively to the cloud to be positioned for AI.  They view AI as the next frontier of their digital transformation.  One of the key points these companies understand is that a simple “lift & shift” will be insufficient.  They need to transform and modernize their entire approach […]

Unleashing the Power of AI in the Nonprofit Industry

The nonprofit sector is experiencing a digital transformation like never before. With the advent of artificial intelligence (AI), nonprofits have a powerful tool at their disposal to increase efficiency, reach more people, and amplify their impact. In this blog, we’ll explore how AI is revolutionizing the nonprofit industry and driving positive change on a global […]

Modernizing to Accelerate Mission Expansion

A large multi-national non-profit that works with donor funds to address the climate and biodiversity crisis needed support for its digital modernization journey so that it could get out of supporting data centers. Challenge The client needed help mapping out a strategic vision and specific strategies for Cloud, Data, and Technology transformation. Infinitive was contacted […]

Modernizing Operations for a Transformed Product Suite

Challenge A non-profit, global leader in the education industry needed to modernize and transform operations in support of strategic changes to its premiere product suite. Specifically, our client needed to: Implement an online exam registration and ordering platform to support more than five million students Enhance operations and policies to support equity and improve student […]

Revamping the Salesforce Ecosystem

Challenge A leading nonprofit serving higher education needed a strategic assessment of Salesforce to improve customer acquisition, retention, and internal operating efficiency. Specifically, the organization needed to address: Uncertainty around the current Salesforce ecosystem implementation and its ability to meet future strategic and tactical needs Lack of defined customer journeys and processes that impacted the […]