Modernizing to Accelerate Mission Expansion

A large multi-national non-profit that works with donor funds to address the climate and biodiversity crisis needed support for its digital modernization journey so that it could get out of supporting data centers.


The client needed help mapping out a strategic vision and specific strategies for Cloud, Data, and Technology transformation. Infinitive was contacted to implement the client’s modernization journey by conducting a migration plan analysis for 6 critical on-premises applications. In addition, the client needed assistance in building a future state landing zone environment while implementing best practices in security, DevOps, and governance.


First, Infinitive conducted assessments and deep dive conversations with the client to craft a long-term strategy and strategic vision for the non-profit’s Data, Cloud, and Tech operations. After completing the assessments, Infinitive was able to recommend a migration path (rehost, refractor, rearchitect, rebuild, replace).

Infinitive used AWS Control Tower to better manage the client’s cloud. Our team built a new environment managed by Control Tower 3.0 and have legacy accounts move to this secure environment. We setup 42 Guardrails, IAM policies, and an Organization account structure.

Furthermore, the client’s future landing zone environment was created so that they could manage their permissions for each account in a way that is maintained by AWS Control Tower and accounts with similar permissions will be grouped together. To help the client achieve better automation and efficiency as it operates in the Cloud, Infinitive built a DevOps pipeline for its AWS Account Factory for Terraform. Overall, Infinitive ensured that client’s environment was safe, secure, and cost-efficient by leveraging native AWS tools such as Control Tower, Service Catalog, Organizations, Config, Account Factory for Terraform, CloudTrail, QuickSight, Billing alerts, SSO, tagging and other services.


Infinitive successfully delivered on each of the requirements laid out by the client with the following outcomes:

  1. The client shared its new Data, Cloud, and Technology strategy across the IT organization.
  2. Generated an RFP to assist with long term cloud migration operations.
  3. Can now operate their future state landing zone environment in a secure and efficient way.
  4. Has a policy for tagging and onboarding new and existing applications into its future state landing zone environment.