Over the last few years, streaming demand and services have reached unprecedented heights. The convergence of new ad technologies, high-speed internet accessibility, expanding mobile usage, and increased time spent at home have been the driving force behind this development. With the growing appetite for instant and limitless access to historical, new original, and high-quality live content, OTT marketing services are having to step into new territory. Infinitive’s Video Monetization Insights will help you implement and optimize new content monetization solutions to increase revenue 

Your Goals

Staying ahead and on top of growing demand for content while increasing revenue is a challenge. Streaming services will need to not only access customer data to understand their current consumers but will also require the technical advertising insights to determine where ad sales breaks need to happen in content (and across subscriber tiers) and identify the errors and sales gaps with missed ad opportunities. You can tackle these monetization issues head on through in-depth insight into your data and as a result, be able to:
  • Immediately increase video monetization and revenue
  • Develop a customized ad technology solution to accommodate your business specific needs
  • Reduce manual processing with recommendation for ad breaks
  • Automate ad insertion to your existing content for increased ad sales
  • Identify the exact dollar amount of missed potential ad sales
  • Quickly identify and fix streaming ad technology issues to mitigate loss of future revenue

This is How We Do It

At Infinitive, our mission is to help you get more value out of your data. Infinitive combines deep media experience and expertise with AWS’s cloud platform to bring you Media Intelligence, a collection of media capabilities leveraging AI/ML advertising solutions to elevate your content and increase consumer engagement.

Our Missed Ad Opportunities solution on the AWS marketplace combined with our deep experience with top media companies around the world, allows us to not only understand Ad Tech systems, but also how to utilize ad business data to inform decision making and increase revenue.

Infinitive has a unique two-step process to identify solutions that increase and optimize the revenue you can capture with your content.

Step 1: Identify, automate, and insert appropriate ad break placements

  • Efficiently migrate historical and publish new content to the cloud preparing Dynamic Ad Insertion for greater monetization
  • Automate recommendation of ad break slots based on user provided input

Step 2: Expose missed ad opportunities in your current solution

  • Calculate the amount of ad sales  being left behind due to broken or unsold ad slots in streaming content and quickly identify how to fix it
  • Customizable across platforms, endpoints, programmatic providers, partners, etc…

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