The demand for media content is growing at an unprecedented rate and consumers aren’t only using content for entertainment purposes but also for education, training, communication, and asset tracking. Content producers are facing new obstacles including how to make content discoverable and searchable while developing content monetization models.

As an AWS Media Intelligence consulting partner, Infinitive helps you harness the power of  AI and ML solutions with AWS to drive topline growth through content monetization and content search and discovery.

Content to the Cloud

Infinitive uses powerful and cost-effective AI and ML services offered by AWS to help customers upload, search, and analyze video assets to extract meaningful insights which can be then used to both personalize content and drive more revenue through content monetization.

The solution provides object, scene, and activity detection, person identification, celebrity recognition, speech recognition, translation, and extracts key phrases and entities from the media file transcripts.

The system also leverages the highly secure infrastructure provided by AWS that automatically encrypts media files and metadata at rest using Server-Side Encryption.

serverless media cloud framework
miss ad opportunity dashboard

Content Monetization

Do you know how much revenue you’re leaving on the table?

Infinitive’s Missed Ad Opportunities Analytics and Service moves beyond standard ad server reporting by using analytics specifically customized to your ad stack configuration, along with AI and ML technologies to detect failures in the streaming content for both your owned and operated platforms and distribution partner environments.

Infinitive Missed Ad Opportunities is fully integrated with Amazon QuickSight for operational troubleshooting and can be provided as a managed service, extending your analytics team’s efforts and skills, or as an enhancement to your existing analytics capabilities.