7 Ways to Hit the Launch Date When Teams Are Remote

Published March 16, 2020

We here at Infinitive have extensive experience with remote work, as our clients are quite worldly. With this experience, we wanted to share some insights so you can stay on schedule, get work done, and have fun, too. Here are some tips we’ve tagged to Infinitive’s core values.

1. Encourage teams to create remote working spaces.

Encourage personalized “office” spaces. If half the dining table is a desk during remote work, put flowers or a pen holder out and use what you have to make it office-like. True story: I use my kid’s magna-doodle as a white board when remote. #Fun #Flexible

2. Increase your telepresence game.

Turn on video during meetings to personalize the conversation and increase engagement. Be the first to turn yours on and encourage others to do the same. Consider small groups leaving video chats open for hours so they can work collaboratively as if sitting at the same table. #Leadership #KickassAttitude

3. Efficiency tools are awesome.

Leverage collaboration tools, such as Slack, MS Teams, or MS Office Online, to jointly work on materials or deliverables. These tools consolidate feedback quickly and limit rework. Continue to encourage team members to check in early and often. #Leadership #Growth

4. Chat it up.

Create small group chats to drive projects forward. Create groups around specific workstreams, project activities, epics, sprints, etc.)—whatever works for the team to maintain progress. This approach also makes sure people are not distracted with chatter irrelevant to their work.  #Flexible #Trust

5. Don’t postpone what can get done today.

To stay on schedule, meet with enough time to take action. Resist the urge to move meetings out to when in person. Leverage this list to get things done. Make an action tracker and always send notes with follow-up items. #Leadership #Trust

6. Give credit where credit is due.

Trust people to do the work. Connect with them often to ensure barriers are removed, but don’t check in every minute. Make sure to regularly report on progress, share who contributed directly to the progress, and always encourage people to push themselves to grow whether in person or remote. Consider “virtual happy hours” to celebrate success or simply as a break at the end of the day. #Growth #Trust

7. Work with a team that excels at working remotely.

One of Infinitive’s core values is “flexible”. This means not only being able to work anywhere, but also seamlessly blending into your organization. See why we’re branded “the gold standard in client experience!” #Flexible #BeGreat