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How We Work

The path to data transformation can be daunting, but Infinitive makes it easier though a systematic and value-driven and scalable approach to drive sustainable change. ​


Systematic Data Maturity​

Start with a Strategy and Roadmap​. Identify priorities, build a business case and secure a budget.


Sustainability & Self-Sufficiency​

Keep it simple​. Infinitive strives to reduce complexity in solutions to improve maintainability. Where possible, automate tasks to ensure consistency and efficiency.


Flexibility & Scalability​

Design with the future in mind​. Build scalable architectures and anticipate future data needs, including analytics, storage, compute.

Top Data Challenges for Higher Education​

As Higher Ed faces increasing competition and budget pressure, the industry is looking to leverage data to drive student success and operational efficiencies. ​


Student Success & Retention​

Identifying at-risk students and implementing interventions to improve graduation rates.

Financial Constraints

Data-driven decisions to optimize budgets strained by declining enrollment, decreased state funding and rising costs.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 

Insights and measurement of efforts driving campus diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.

Changing Student Preferences

Understanding effectiveness of new and innovative programs to address declining interest in traditional degrees.


Lack of Data-Driven Culture​

Data not consistently valued, accessed, or used to drive decisions, hindering data-informed strategies and operations.

Data Silos & Fragmentation

Data stored in disparate systems hinders consolidated views need to gain comprehensive insights.

Inadequate Analytics Capabilities

System-native analytics capabilities lack features and flexibility required for comprehensive data exploration and insights.

Limited Analytics Expertise

Many universities lack analytics skills and experience required to advance analytics maturity.

Higher Education Data and Analytics Packages​

Strategy & Planning OnlyStarter Data & Analytics PackageAdvanced Data & Analytics PackageAI Foundations PackageAdvanced + AI Package
Quick Start Data Strategy​
Planning and budgeting​
Cloud Foundations​
Stand up an AWS cloud environment for future Lakehouse​
Data Foundations​
Create an MVP lake house + data pipeline + dashboard​
Additional Data Sources​
Expand a use case or add a new one with additional data (up to 3 sources)​
2nd Dashboard
Expand a use case or add a new one with an additional dashboard​
AI Proof-of-Concept
Explore predictive analytics or generative AI​. See Example Below.
Production Readiness
Smooth transition and readiness for production deployment​

AI Proof-of-Concept Example: Student Persistence

Empowering student success through predictive analytics.​

Project Goals

Improve Student Retention Rates:​

Enhance retention by identifying at-risk students to increase graduation rates and revenue.

Data-Driven Decision Making:​

Provide data insights and predictive analytics for informed student support decisions.

Streamline Student Success Efforts:

Systematically prioritize and target interventions for at-risk students.

4-6 Week Timeline

Week 1 - 2

-Data integration​
-Exploratory data analysis ​
-Feature engineering

Week 3

-Model training, evaluation, and selection​

Week 4

-Model deployment​
-Dashboard development​
-Knowledge transfer
-Production Planning

Week 5 - 6

-Refinement, testing, and additional stakeholder training

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