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Maximize data potential; minimize the challenge of data maturity ​

Unlock the full potential of your data with Infinitive’s expert guidance, helping you effortlessly navigate the challenges of data maturity and achieve efficient, effective growth.​

Top Challenges to Data Maturity​

Organizations with low data maturity often face significant challenges, but Infinitive’s Databricks Lakehouse Accelerator addresses these issues head-on, providing a clear path to comprehensive data strategy, seamless integration, robust governance, and demonstrable ROI.​

Lack of a Clear Data Strategy: Organizations often lack a coherent data strategy, leading to fragmented data efforts and missed opportunities.​

Solution: Databricks Lakehouse Accelerator provides a structured approach to developing a comprehensive data strategy, ensuring alignment with business goals and laying a solid foundation for data initiatives.

Data Silos and Inaccessible Data: Data is often siloed across various departments, making it difficult to access and integrate for meaningful analysis.​

Solution: The lakehouse architecture consolidates data into a unified platform, breaking down silos and enabling seamless data access and integration across the organization.

Limited Data Governance and Quality: Poor data governance and quality control result in unreliable data, hindering analytics and decision-making.​

Solution: Our offering emphasizes robust data governance frameworks and quality management practices, ensuring that data is accurate, consistent, and trustworthy.

Lack of Skilled Personnel and Expertise: Organizations may lack the necessary skills and expertise to manage and analyze data effectively.​

Solution: The Databricks Lakehouse Accelerator includes training and support to upskill existing staff and provides access to expert consultants who can guide the organization through the initial phases of data strategy and use case implementation.​

Difficulty in Demonstrating ROI and Gaining Executive Buy-In: Without clear ROI, it is challenging to secure executive support and investment in data initiatives.

Solution: Our offering focuses on identifying and implementing high-impact initial use cases that demonstrate clear ROI, helping to build the business case for further investment in data and analytics capabilities.

How We Work

The path to data transformation can be daunting, but Infinitive makes it easier though a systematic and value-driven and scalable approach to drive sustainable change. ​


Systematic Data Maturity​

Start with a Strategy and Roadmap​. Identify priorities, build a business case and secure a budget.


Sustainability & Self-Sufficiency​

Keep it simple​. Infinitive strives to reduce complexity in solutions to improve maintainability. Where possible, automate tasks to ensure consistency and efficiency.


Flexibility & Scalability​

Design with the future in mind​. Build scalable architectures and anticipate future data needs, including analytics, storage, compute.

Solution Overview

From Data to Insights: Freeing Trapped Value in Your Data

Infinitive has as structured and flexible approach to helping organizations on their cloud and data journey.​

Lakehouse Accelerator Data & Analytics Packages​

Strategy & Planning OnlyStarter Data & Analytics PackageAdvanced Data & Analytics PackageAI Foundations PackageAdvanced + AI Package
Quick Start Data Strategy​
Planning and budgeting​
Cloud Foundations​
Stand up an AWS cloud environment for future Lakehouse​
Data Foundations​
Create an MVP lake house + data pipeline + dashboard​ + data governance
Additional Data Sources​
Expand a use case or add a new one with additional data (up to 3 sources)​
2nd Dashboard
Expand a use case or add a new one with an additional dashboard​
AI Proof-of-Concept
Explore predictive analytics or generative AI​.
Production Readiness
Smooth transition and readiness for production deployment​

Advancing Data Maturity with the Databricks Platform

Databricks provides a unified data platform that consolidates data from various sources, reducing data silos and establishing a basic data management foundation.

Databricks allows for the standardization of data processing and analytics workflows. The use of notebooks, pipelines, and job scheduling helps in establishing repeatable processes across different departments.​

The platform supports integration with various data sources and systems, facilitating enterprise-wide data management and governance frameworks.​

Databricks offers advanced analytics, including machine learning and real-time processing, enabling proactive data management, continuous monitoring, and quality improvement.​

Databricks enables continuous optimization and innovation with its scalable infrastructure and advanced analytics to fully embed data into decision-making processes.

Phase 1: Ad Hoc

Data is unmanaged and scattered; processes are informal and reactive.​

Phase 2: Initial

Basic data management practices are established, but they are inconsistent and manual.

Phase 3: Repetable

Processes are standardized and repeatable within some departments, improving data quality.

Phase 4: Defined

Enterprise-wide data management frameworks are in place, ensuring integrated and governed data practices.

Phase 5: Managed

Proactive management with advanced analytics tools; continuous monitoring and improvement of data processes.

Phase 6: Optimized

Data is fully integrated and optimized across the organization, driving innovation and competitive advantage.


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