AWS Data-Led Migration Solutions 

Data is your organizations’ strategic asset. Data gives you insight.  Unlocking legacy, stove piped, or mainframe data should be the starting point for how a company transforms into a true digital business. Working with the right partner who has the right tools; data becomes democratized and available to users who need it. 

A true data-led migration effort doesn’t move the data from one place to another – its about moving the data to gain insight and value that didn’t exist previously. 

Infinitive offers a proven Data-Led Migration framework that follows agile development principles to extract and understand the legacy data; design data structures and data cleansing plans; develop data fabric to migrate data; and close with a comprehensive data quality test approach and legacy system retirement approach. We have migrated databases and mainframes for many commercial and public sector customers that leverage the low cost and maintenance of AWS to deploy legacy data workloads. 

As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, we are also one of a handful of AWS Partners who have been recognized as Data Led Migration Partners. 

Data Led Migration

Data Migration Program Management

We specialize in establishing and running Data Migration PM offices, we are hands-on partners, not just advisors who know how to meet program and board-committed deadlines. We bring a customizable “toolbox” of best practices to optimize team/performance; clients often say “Infinitive was the glue between the teams, which made the program successful”   


Reverse Engineering 

Understanding the “as-is” code base, database structure, and legacy infrastructure (Cloud / On Prem) is critical to successful data migrations – a range of tools may be needed. We focus on legacy code, infrastructure, and databases to give us insight needed for future architectures and accurate development and deployment timelines. 

Application ReImagination 

 Why “lift and shift” your application to AWS when you can build a brand-new application! Take advantage of the latest cloud native services – migration to AWS with ReImagine Serverless App maximizes AWS Services, delivers cost efficient, easy to build, easy to maintain future proof applications.   

Data Optimization 

Optimize your data in AWS during data-led migrations taking advantage of data quality tools, focused data quality and user adoption testing maximize the end state value of the migration. By precisely understanding where all the legacy data has been migrated too we maximize the speed and comprehensiveness with which pertinent information can be utilized. That enhanced availability of critical information provides businesses with significant benefits.