Enabling Data Usage While Protecting Against Data Loss Prevention


A leading financial services company wanted to ensure the continued protection of its data while allowing employees to have more access and visibility into critical data assets.


Built a cross-functional team that included collaboration among the CISO, CIO, and CPO, as well as IT, HR, legal, and audit teams, to:
  • Identify and locate exposed confidential data
  • Review policies for non-public information, sensitive information, and confidential digital data across multiple network protocols, including email, web postings, and file transfers
  • Build new policies and solutions to protect sensitive files
  • Create approaches to detect and monitor data loss prevention across all content, individuals, and user groups, with a focus on potential high-priority incidents
  • Implement secure messaging integration, encryption, and safeguards during incident investigations and responses
  • Standardize and synchronize the usage of data loss prevention tools


Heightened security of data and increased clarity into critical data assets resulted in:
  • Transparency into where data lives, which employees have access, how data is being used, and where is data moving
  • Strengthened policies and controls, which reduced overall exposure to data leakage incidents
  • Comprehensive solutions that address multiple data and storage mediums
  • Rigorous training programs for IT and business staff to increase information security across the enterprise
Published February 20, 2020