Life Insurance Company Seeks to Better Understand Its First Party Data

A mutual insurance and financial services company needed help to modernize their data architecture and build their data analysis capabilities in order to achieve their strategic goals of targeting of new customers, retaining existing customers, and engaging members more effectively.


The client needed support implementing cloud solutions and creating strong data analytics and visualizations. Infinitive was contracted to provide data migration recommendations and support, including facilitating their cloud migration and developing data visualization tools.


Infinitive conducted assessments and deep dive conversations with the client to understand theirĀ  challenges and long-term data goals. Infinitive was able to build an automated ingestion pipeline from on-prem data sources and a cloud SAS resource, and created infrastructure as code for production pipeline. Our team also provided recommendations for decommissioning the on-prem enterprise data warehouse.

Infinitive presented cleansed data in Amazon QuickSight visualizations, powering improved business analytics for the client. Additionally, Infinitive further utilized AWS, linked with Azure user Active Directory, to enable effective user management. A Control Tower was also stood up to enable enterprise account management and logging.


Infinitive successfully delivered in the requirements defined by the client with the following outcomes:

  1. Successful migration to an AWS Lakehouse
  2. Improved data quality and management
  3. The client is able to more effectively utilize their data