Preparing Early-Stage Startup for Rapid Customer Growth

Edsoma is an ed-tech startup focused on providing AI-assisted reading feedback to school children while promoting collaboration with their parents/teachers through a web and mobile-facing application. As Edsoma moved closer to its launch date for its V1 Application, they contracted Infinitive to build-out their application infrastructure stack in AWS utilizing DevOps and Cloud best practices to ensure highly automated workflows in secure and resilient application environments.


Edsoma needed to prepare their AWS environment for the rapid growth they were expecting once their product was launched.  Utilizing the AWS well architected framework, Infinitive was able to rebuild their environment into a multi-account structure with proper environment separation, security, availability/scalability, and CI/CD workflows.


First, Infinitive focused on establishing a multi-account setup with least-privilege access and environment separation by implementing AWS Control Tower, establishing an AWS Organization with proper Guardrails and Security Control Policies. To ensure environment separation and configure automated deployments, Infinitive utilized Terraform for the infrastructure deployments and AWS CodePipeline for the CI/CD processes.

After successful implementation of infrastructure/application with CI/CD processes, the Infinitive team worked alongside the Edsoma developers to transfer knowledge and begin the implementation of a production environment.

The account that previously hosted Edsoma’s production applications contained the domain registered in Route53. Thus, the first step was to migrate the domain into the newly provisioned production account. Once complete, the team was able to successfully create the necessary hosted zone and accompanying DNS records in the new production account’s Route53 service and clean up old Route53 references in the old account.

Once the migration was complete, Edsoma developers performed application and connectivity testing to ensure a smooth transition to the new environment.


In eight weeks, Infinitive turned Edsoma’s vulnerable single-account AWS application infrastructure into a secure, multi-account, AWS Well-Architected environment. This provided the Edsoma developers with much-needed environment separation between development and production instances, automated code deployment/revisions with CI/CD processes, and enhanced cloud security/availability of their applications.

Infinitive has successfully trained the Edsoma technology services team in managing their new cloud workload with AWS Well-Architected best practices, and they are confident in continuing to develop their application.