Video: Digital Media and Convergence: Ready, Set, and Scale

Published July 22, 2019

With multiple streaming services on offer and new ones about to launch, it’s no longer a question of whether consumers are ready for content across different devices, but rather how quickly and efficiently media firms and publishers can deliver campaigns across every type of screen that consumers use. CEO Denis McFarlane chats with media and publishing executive Steve Malinchock about convergence in media and entertainment and whether 2019 is the year it finally takes hold across the industry. Steve shares need-to-know information about where we are in the long-term evolution and how companies can best scale their platforms.

One barrier: most publishers are still organized to support linear buying. From sales and billing to delivery and billing, processes and teams must be modified so they can support digital, over-the-top (OTT), linear and every other channel.

This year in particular, the goal must be scale. To get there, publishers should prioritize automation and product rationalization and seek to build self-service capabilities, which together lay the foundation for a more integrated and synchronized system. That vision is still a long-term goal for many media organizations.

According to Steve, publishers should focus on aligning their people first. Through training and communications, people and teams can understand their roles in new or redesigned processes, as well as those of broader functions. More effective reporting is also critical. In looking at both the aesthetics and analytics of reports, organizations can figure out how the data can be used to make more effective decisions.