Whatever suits my mood at the time. Some of my favorites include Post Malone, The Weeknd, Fleetwood Mac, Hall & Oates, Drake, Taylor Swift, and The Dave Matthews Band.


Nothing beats a steak dinner with potatoes, veggies, and a glass of red wine.


The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Its a timeless classic, but also who hasn’t wished they were invited to one of Gatsby’s parties?

Why Sam Kicks Ass

Sam leads Infinitive’s technology and campus recruiting efforts. In addition to focusing on talent acquisition, Sam also coordinates Infinitive’s Intern Program and helps lead our Campus New Hire development program. Her positivity and can-do attitude won her Infinitivian of the year in 2019. Initially from the south, Sam can always be counted on for trendy fashion and beauty expertise as well as a genuine helping hand!