Video: Are Ad Publishers Ready for the 2020 Sales “Tsunami”?

Published July 21, 2019

With the 2020 election on the horizon, publishers are preparing for one of the biggest revenue opportunities in today’s ad marketplace. The political campaigns have started up already, begging the question of how this campaign’s opportunities stack up with those of the past? And what can publishers do to ensure they’re ready to seize the huge opportunities ahead?

Infinitive CEO Denis McFarlane and media and publishing executive Steve Malinchock recently discussed the most significant opportunities going into this election cycle and what publishers need to do to generate the most return.

Based on past trends, experts expect 2020 to be a “tsunami” of ad sales, particularly at the local level. Over the course of the 2016 election, a record $4.5 billion was spent on local advertising. And the 2018 midterms saw a further 17% increase.

To take full advantage, advertisers need to be prepared now. Here are some of the questions they need to ask immediately:

  • Are our systems and people ready to handle all of the potential revenue and sales?
  • Which capabilities will allow us to capture the most revenue?
  • How do we move campaigns at the local level across linear and OTT platforms?

Listen to Denis and Steve’s full conversation in the video below to get the inside scoop.