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Infinitive combines deep media experience with AWS’s cloud platform to bring you Media Intelligence, a collection of media capabilities leveraging AI/ML solutions to elevate your content and increase consumer engagement.

Named 1 of 4 AWS Media Intelligence Consulting Partners AWS, Infinitive’s Media Intelligence Solution is here to help you create new revenue streams by:

  • increasing speed to market
  • optimizing performance
  • prioritizing security
  • customizing analytics
  • streamlining integrations

2 Steps to Increase Your Revenue Stream

Identify solutions to increase and optimize the revenue you can capture with your content.

Step 1: Identifying, automating, and inserting  appropriate ad break placements

  • Automated recommendation of ad break locations based on user provided input
  • Efficiently migrate historical and new content and prepare Dynamic Ad Insertion for greater monetization

Step 2: Exposing missed ad opportunities in your current system

  • Calculate the amount of revenue being ‘left on the table’ due to broken or unsold ad slots in streaming content – and quickly identify how to fix it
  • Customizable across platforms, endpoints, programmatic providers, partners, etc.

Learn how Infinitive can help you automate your ads saving you time and money while giving your viewers a customized experience.

Meet Our Infinitive Team

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