The Revolution of Synthetic Data in the Healthcare Industry

Data has always been at the heart of healthcare, driving research, diagnosis, and treatment decisions. However, the sensitive nature of patient information and the strict regulations surrounding its use have limited the accessibility and utility of healthcare data. Enter synthetic data – a solution that promises to revolutionize the healthcare industry by balancing the need […]

Driving Healthier Communities through Innovation

Authority piece: could be a quote, a video, an infographic, or a featured case study. Each piece will have its own pre-designed template for consistency. Replace with correct type template. Challenge A large technology company that offers a social care platform was struggling to keep up with its rapid growth and antiquated applications. Infinitive was […]

Life Insurers: Moving from Automation to Data Analysis

Inflection point In the first article of this series (“The Rise of Life Insurance Digitization”), we discussed the immense impact of COVID-19 on the life insurance industry. As “normal” life began to rapidly change, so did the life insurance industry instituting higher payouts, increased automation, automated underwriting, and existing in a world of volatile interest […]

The Rise of Life Insurance Digitization

A Very Bad Time The COVID-19 pandemic tremendously affected many industries including life insurance. The most obvious change was the increase in payouts as millions of people died from the Coronavirus. In 2020, life insurance companies paid out $90B to insurance beneficiaries making it the highest amount recorded for a single year. The $90B represented […]

Claims, Denials, and How the Best Organizations are using Analytics

Background The healthcare industry has seen a 20% increase in claim denial rates in the past five years, and because of COVID-19, the trend is only becoming worse (McKeon). Healthcare organizations must work to identify root causes, simplify the appeals process, and develop prevention tactics to help mitigate the social, technological, regulatory, and financial implications […]