Migrating Multiple On-Premises Data Centers to the Cloud

Challenge Meazure Learning, the leading provider of online testing solutions for higher education and professional credentialing organizations, delivers industry-leading technology and personalized service backed by extensive infrastructure to their end users. With their recent acquisition of Scantron, an application stack hosted across two on-prem data centers was added to their environment. Adding to the challenge, […]

Multi-Cloud Governance Creation and IAM Improvements

Challenge A top 10 US bank needed assistance implementing process improvements for the Cloud Governance Procedure team and supporting the Identify and Access Management (IAM) Audit and Compliance team to: Improve compliance, cloud security, and data storage posture Establish a cloud strategy for GCP, AWS, and Azure to align with the changing technological needs Solution […]

Spurring Product Adoption Through Customer Outreach

Challenge A global leader in the education industry needed to create a personalized customer outreach program to ensure success of a product transformation and address: Lack of outbound call center capabilities needed to proactively manage the impacts of product changes Insufficient internal resources to design and execute customer outreach campaigns A need to rapidly scale […]

Education Challenges During COVID-19

https://vimeo.com/424141809/9b1f246678 This year’s COVID crisis came at us fast. Everyone—individuals, corporations, small businesses, and schools—had to adjust to a new online life in a matter of weeks. Schools and universities took an especially hard hit because of their reliance on in-person interactions. Some institutions had already embraced some forms of online education and had an […]

7 Ways to Hit the Launch Date When Teams Are Remote

https://vimeo.com/397993917/cc95dad828 We here at Infinitive have extensive experience with remote work, as our clients are quite worldly. With this experience, we wanted to share some insights so you can stay on schedule, get work done, and have fun, too. Here are some tips we’ve tagged to Infinitive’s core values. 1. Encourage teams to create remote working […]

Video: “Choose Your Own Ad-venture” and its Impact on Digital Advertisers

https://vimeo.com/349063971Being able to choose what programming you want to watch, when you want to watch it, used to seem like a futuristic idea. But now it’s the reality – and publishers are taking it a step further. It’s not just letting viewers choose which shows or ads they want to see, though – some companies […]

Agile as a Team Sport: Scrum Master and Product Owners Are Critical to Success

There’s no question that Agile development methodology is dominating the software and technology world. In a recent survey of 1,300 companies published in Harvard Business Review, 8 of 10 said they are committed to embracing Agile within software development. Search LinkedIn Jobs and you’ll find over 116,000 results associated with the keyword “Agile.” Of course, Agile is not […]