Launching New Revenue Streams

Challenge With markets evolving, a large communications provider recognized the need to establish new revenue streams and expand its capability to drive advertising for its clients. Solution Established a robust program management office (PMO) to implement governance and controls for the long-term transformation initiative, which included: Developed and implemented best practices-based processes to drive the […]

Redesigning and Assessing Ad Technology Stack

Challenge A leading video streaming platform was growing at a breakneck pace and had a difficult time scaling to meet increased advertiser and user demands. Defining and executing a clear technology and organizational roadmap to scale the business for this new growth was critical. Solution Provided an objective review of the publisher’s core ad technology […]

How Self-Service Helps Political Advertising In the latest series of conversations on how media and publishing organizations can take advantage of the coming “sales tsunami” of political advertising, CEO Denis McFarlane and executive Steve Malinchock discuss the benefits of self-service platforms and tools. Self-service can help sales teams drive more revenue by freeing up sales leaders to focus on […]

Video: How Media and Publishing Companies Can Vote for Efficiency and Profitability’s CEO Denis McFarlane and Steve Malinchock talk about how media and publishing companies can take advantage of the massive and unprecedented political advertising investments that will come in the next year. The good news is they don’t have to switch out their entire AdTech stack; indeed, it’s all about the data. By focusing on […]

Video: Are Ad Publishers Ready for the 2020 Sales “Tsunami”?

With the 2020 election on the horizon, publishers are preparing for one of the biggest revenue opportunities in today’s ad marketplace. The political campaigns have started up already, begging the question of how this campaign’s opportunities stack up with those of the past? And what can publishers do to ensure they’re ready to seize the […]

The Role and Value of Automation in Adopting New Ad Tech

Given the continuous advancements in digital advertising technology and the steady pace of consolidation in the industry, it’s almost inevitable that publishers and media organizations will upgrade their existing or migrate to entirely new platforms and toolsets. That’s true of all of the essential components of the ad tech stack, including order management systems (OMS), […]